The Night Henry Ford Met Santa

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Is it possible that Henry Ford received his original thoughts on the car assembly line from the elves of the North Pole? Perhaps! This fascinating story took place near Christmas Eve in 1908. This fascinating story puzzled Henry Ford how to make his Model T affordable for ordinary families. His youngest son Edsel suggested that his father write to Santa Claus for advice. Edsel pointed out that since Santa makes toys for millions of children, he must know a better way. Henry wrote this letter just to please his son, but Santa actually answered by showing Henry a tour of his North Pole workshop. When he saw the elves working on a line, each elves only completed a specific task, each toy manufactured, Henry Ford envisioned a car assembly line.

This story not only illustrates that children can teach adults how to dream, but also provides the author's notes, which contain factual information about Henry Ford and the Model T.

  • Hard cover book
  • 32 pages
  • 9" x 11"
  • Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press
  • Reading age:  6-9 years
  • Made in United States of America