1965 Porsche 356C Revs Face Mask - Distance Wins The Race

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1965 Porsche 356C Revs Mask
Distance Wins The Race 

In response to the worldwide pandemic, Revs is proud to offer a face mask solution to help to mitigate the spread of air born particles with reusable, comfortable and eco friendly  masks - with the choice of four unique designs.

Our Distance Wins the Race face mask, has been designed with the outline of the 1965 Porsche 356C from the Miles Collier Collections in mind.

The limited edition Revs Essential Mask is designed to keep communities protected and companies operating.

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Helps to mitigate the transfer of airborne particulate when in essential public settings 
  • Designed to protect employees upon returning to work
  • Made from up cycled and repurposed fabric, it is sustainable, reusable and built for comfort and protection
  • The manufacturer donates 10% of all mask proceeds to community entities and individuals in need during COVID19
  • Black mask with red imprint