Motor Racing Memories  1903-1921
Motor Racing Memories  1903-1921

Motor Racing Memories 1903-1921

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In 1903, the year of the ill-fated Paris-Madrid race, W. F. Bradley was just beginning his long and brilliant career as a motor racing journalist. He followed the race on a bicycle and his vivid eyewitness account of it begins this book.

Bradley has been closely identified with the motor race scene since that day, although in Motor Racing Memories he confines his reminiscences to the years 1903-21. During these years he not only followed the Gordon Bennett Cup races and the French Grands Prix, but went to America to take part in the Glidden Tours, the first long distance reliability trials held in the USA. He also saw the start of the amazing New York-Paris Race, via Russia, and the beginnings of American track racing on Long Island and at Indianapolis.

Bradley not only knew everyone who mattered in the motor racing world, but had the good journalist's flair for finding out the story behind the scenes. His discovery (despite intense secrecy) of the earliest attempt to use supercharging is a good example of this. It is this intimate personal knowledge of his subject that brings a vanished era alive once more in these pages.

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