Lancia and De Virgilio: At the Center by Geoffrey Goldberg

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Lancia and De Viriglio: At the Center 

by Geoffrey Goldberg

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  • Hardcover : 332 pages
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  • Publisher : David Bull Publishing, U.S. (July 24, 2014)
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In the after war period Lancia was the most innovative and design-driven automobile car organization in Italy, if not the world. Francesco De Virgilio was one of the organization's leading engineer-designers  whose calm drive for greatness mirrored the organization's objectives. His specialized drawings outline that period's strain between traditional artisanal and large scale manufacturing.

De Virgilio worked during the 1940s and 1950s with Gianni Lancia, son of the founder, and Vittorio Jano, the wise engineer who had developed race-winning motors for Alfa Romeo. De Virgilio himself was credited for Lancia's well known V6 engine, the first produced, utilized in their popular and successful  Aurelia. His major V6 design is as yet utilized by most car manufacturers up to this day. Marrying into the Lancia family, De Virgilio stayed close to the Lancia organization into the 1970s, and worked diligently on the Stratos rally vehicle.

Notwithstanding his specialized accomplishments and prominence inside the organization, De Virgilio's contributions have been generally ignored up to this point. With full admittance to the De Virgilio family chronicles, creator Geoff Goldberg, himself a long-term Lancia Aurelia owner, utilizes unique records, specialized original drawings, and photos to clarify the thoughts and characters at Lancia and De Virgilio himself. Goldberg controls the reader through early work that prompted the plan and advancement of the Aurelia, and its racing team members,  just as other significant models including the D50 Grand Prix car, and the Appia, Fulvia and Stratos.

This is car and social history best comprehended from within. The climate of post-war Italy is grandly reflected by both the Lancia organization's culture and the De Virgilio family.


For quite some time, Geoffrey Goldberg has been entranced by Lancias. With his experience as an architect, his emphasis is on how things are thought of and made, and Lancia's free way to deal with plan and scrupulousness have been of interest for a long time. His neighborhood of Chicago is like Turin, as both cities were once manufacturing focal points, with inventive designs and engineering fundamental to their prosperity. Goldberg has owned Lancias for over 30 years, is dynamic in the Lancia community around the world, and has invested time in Italy with the De Virgilio family and others near the Lancia organization.